A catalogue of fine German books can be sent for $10 worldwide. The catalogue, "Tadellos Erhalten: Books from the Library of Rudolf Baumann," was designed by Jerry Kelly. The collection, which was practically a time capsule of prewar Austro-German book taste, still has interest. Please inquire through alexanderplatzbooks "at" gmail dot com.

We list a portion of our book on the Advanced Book Exchange, better known as abebooks. Our abebooks listings are organized as sequentially numbered catalogues. These catalogues reflect the mixture of subjects which we keep in stock, and can be accessed through our home page (http://www.abebooks.com/home/aplatz). Emphasis varies from catalogue to catalogue.

Our abebooks listings have included rare Cuban imprints; German literature, particularly exile literature; books on African and primitive art; and African-American literature. From a group of books about the Ottoman Empire, Turkish art, and Protestant missionary activity in Asia we still have a few items, including a nearly continuous twenty-five-year run of the journal Hali. Major additions to stock in the last few years have come from the library of Jack Gottlieb, personal assistant for many years to Leonard Bernstein, with a number of books inscribed to him by the maestro; a large collection of books about Persian literature and art, including many volumes in Farsi and a number of interesting and scarce books on the Rubaiyat, from the estate of an Iranian-born professor; and, lately, books from the libraries of Rudolf Serkin and Adolf Busch.

An online version of our Bulletin 4, Forward March!, is available for viewing on this website. The list assembled scarce, unusual, and unique materials on radicalism in the performing arts in the decades following the Russian Revolution and is now nearly completely sold. A sequel with similar ephemeral materials concentrating on the 1930s is in preparation.

Bulletin 5, Two Families, One Home: A German Exile Library in Southern Vermont was published in February, 2019. Among the items offered is a first edition of Karl Popper's Die Logik der Forschung and the souvenir booklet to the Soviet Pavilion at the International Press Exhibition in Cologne in 1928, with a panoramic leporello by El Lissitzky.

We are always interested in acquisitions in the following: art, primarily source materials, the more ephemeral the better; music, especially topical and illustrated sheet music of the nineteenth century; children's books, particularly twentieth-century picture books; Judaica, mainly of the secular kind; antiquarian books in any language; German fine press books, pre-1933 German literature in dust jacket, and exile literature; history and culture of science; "Sangoku" (China, India, and Japan), as well as Korea and other Asian and Pacific countries; history of science and culture of science.